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Nonlinear dynamics, synchronization, and networks: Dedicated to Jürgen Kurths' 70th birthday

This focus issue in Chaos covers the recent development in the broad areas of nonlinear dynamics, synchronization and emergent behavior in dynamical networks. This issue targets current progress on issues such as time series analysis, data-driven modeling from real data such as climate, brain and social dynamics. Prediction or detecting an early warning signal of extreme climate conditions, epileptic seizures and other catastrophic conditions, is the most important tasks from the real or experimental data. Exploring the machine-based learning of real data for the purpose of modeling and prediction is an emerging area. Tipping in a single element or in a network is an emerging direction for future research for the purpose of understanding and prediction. Recent progress of research on deriving a network from data available from biological, engineering and social systems is also to be covered.

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April 30th, 2023

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